Automatic Sauce Filling Line

Filling Line Details

This Automatic Sauce Filling Line comes with everything you need to get your liquid sweetener bottling line up and running. It is designed to bottle 50 bottles per minute. Start your project today by clicking request a quote below!


Line Name: Automatic Sauce Filling Line

·         Automation: Automatic

·         Filling volume:50-1000ml

·         Bottles Per Minute: 30-60



Machines Included:

·         Bottle Feeding Turntable

·         Automatic 16 Head Servo Filling Machine

·         Automatic 8 head Rotary Capping Machine

·         Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealer

·         Vertical Self-Adhesive Round Bottle Labeling Machine

·         Bottle Working Table Rolling Type

·         Automatic Linear Packing Machine



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