STRFP Automatic Sauce Filling Machine

Brief Introduction:

This Filling Machine is piston type filling machine special made for filling cream or liquid  foodstuff such as ketchup, sauce, honey, jam, peanut butter , mayonnaise,  salad dressing etc.

Foodstuff standard product contact parts , and ok for high product temperature.

CIP product hopper , easy for cleaning.


Filling head quantity can be custom-made according to different production capacity such as 6/8/10/12/16 /20 heads.

The filling system is driven by servo motor which assure high filling accuracy ,also easy to set filling volume on the touch screen directly.


◎Made by high quality 304 Stainless steel, it is durable.

◎316 stainless steel product contact parts is available for optional according to product features.

◎Dosing system is driven by servo motor, it assure high filling accuracy.
◎Liquid receive tray is available in case any dripping from filling nozzle.

◎Air blow off filling nozzle is available for sticky product to avoid tail stringing on nozzle
◎CIP Product hopper

◎No bottle no fill.

◎Linear structure which is flexible for varies bottle size.
◎Controlled by PLC and operation through touch screen.
◎No tooling needed to change over different size bottles.
◎Quick-install connecting parts , it is easy to disassemble and clear machine.




Main Parameter:

Nozzle NumberPCS2468
Filling volumeMl20-250ml /50-500ml
Production capacityBottle/h1000-2000 pcs/Hour ( Depends on Filling volume)
Quantitative error%≤±1%
VoltageV380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Air PressureMPA0.6-0.8
Air consumptionM3/min0.811.21.2